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Websites and assorted curiosities, as recommended by Stellar Attraction


The ultimate global resource of anything related to the archetypical Progressive Rock band.

Gibraltar Encyclopaedia Of Progressive Rock

Massive, comprehensive, well written - a must for bookmarking.

Pink Floyd Fandom

Long-running 'Floyd site. Comprehensive, constantly updated plus a good discussion forum.

Roger Waters International

Good resource for anything related to 'old grumpy'.

Prog Rock Archives

Extensive website featuring a discography of 950 Prog Rock bands. Another worthwhile bookmark.


Gateway to Progressive Rock on the internet. Very well thought-out and detailed website providing extensive listings of website portals, reviews and Progressive Rock Internet Radio stations.

The Company

'The Perception of Fish - The Official Fish site' - number one internet resource for the ex-Marillion front man and solo artist, 'Fish'. Constantly updated with news, tour information and the like. Also features an online shop containing Fish's entire back-catalogue, new releases and official merchandise - available to buy online. Highly recommended.

Progressive Rock e-zine

Extensive 'home-page' of this Brazilian Prog Rock fan. Well written and laid-out site, touches on the heavier side of Prog in some parts. Excellent reviews and photo section.

Peter Gabriel

Very flash official site all about the ex-Genesis frontman.

Roger Dean

As would be expected from the maestro of Prog Rock album designs, this site is a very well crafted affair.

Marillion Online

Excellent resource for anything related to the long-running Progressive Rock group.

Umbrello Records

The new record label - 'Noise For Thinkers'. News regarding the label's projects plus a discussion forum. Well worth investigating.

Moth Conspiracy

Website-fanzine for the Cambridge based neo-prog outfit. News, forthcoming gig-listings, discography and photo gallery. Well worth looking into if you like your prog with added 'Pow !'.

Roger Drew

Website showcasing the talented London based artist, author and script-writer.


Download the excellent free Media Player. Tons of plug-ins and extras available from this official site. And of course, internet radio.

The Invisible Band

Website all about the long running London-based 'Space Rock' outfit. Also, links to the excellent 'ethereal music' radio station. Well worth investigating.

Miss Nina

Website showcasing the talented London-based artist, Nina Herve. News regarding forthcoming exhibitions, featured art-work, commissions and prints which are available to buy online now !!

The Extraordinary World Of Yes

Website showcasing the new book of the same name by author, Alan Farley. Available to buy online now !!


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